Our quality-certification policy

Client satisfaction through service of the highest possible quality is key to our future growth. We are the only recruitment agency in France to have sought and obtained both the French Afnor certification for Recruitment Consultancy (NF X 50 767 and NF 353) and the demanding ISO 9001 certificate, spanning every area in which we work, from analysis of client needs and sourcing to candidate assessment. This guarantee of the high quality of our work involves an annual audit of our processes and our consultants’ value-added by an external auditor.

Our action plan for quality assurance is based on

  • Structured systems for precise and quantifiable objectives and indicators;
  • Detailed client and candidate surveys with highly reactive reponse;
  • Continuous training of our teams.

We abide by France’s stringent regulations regarding data privacy (CNIL) for both clients and candidates. The confidentiality of your information is absolute.

Clementine International’s Founder and all members of our teams have committed to a detailed Quality Chart ensuring our respect for the highest standard of professional ethics and performance. These commitments include the principle of diversity and non-discrimination in recruitment.