A message from the CEO

What makes Clémentine International the right partner for a digital company looking to hire strong talent?

When we founded this company 12 years ago, we focused on one core skill: recruitment in the digital sector. At the time, the telecoms and Internet ecosystem was much smaller and the landscape was radically different from what we see now. We were pioneers. Even back then, digital was our passion. We had a strong interest, both in the people who were building the digital economy, and the rapidly shifting and very exciting technology they were deploying.

So 12 years later, our knowledge of this sector is probably second to none. We’ve been part of it since the early years, and we bring a very thorough, very comprehensive knowledge-base to the table. If you’re looking to hire in IT and related fields, we understand your company and the challenges you’re facing. We know who is out there and what they can do. And since we are in a sense part of the digital sector ourselves, you can be certain we are using the most innovative and appropriate tools for sourcing and assessment.

You’re the experts in your field: the work you do in the digital sector is highly demanding, very sophisticated, cutting-edge. Well, we’re the experts of the experts. You come to us because we have the specialized knowledge to help you make hiring decisions rapidly, effectively, and to ensure the best performance of your company.

What does that technology look like?

In 2000, when I started this company, even Google barely existed! We felt we had to build our own Google to structure our work. Even LinkedIn didn’t exist. Over the years we constructed an intelligence portal—a knowledge-base—that employs a meta search engine for semantic text analysis, in order to capitalize on our accumulated information. Our data base includes 100,000 talents, and these are all people whom we have had continuous contact with over the past twelve years. So as you see, we’re not talking about just fishing for names on a job-board or a social network.

People stay a long time at Clémentine. You can imagine that in recruitment agencies, staff turnover is sometimes very quick, but I’m proud to say that most people are happy to settle at Clémentine and develop within our agency. I’m very proud of this, and I attribute it to our commitment to the well-being of our staff; our people feel they can evolve, because of our commitment to training, and they adhere to our values of honesty and loyalty to both our clients and the candidates. We also, all of us, are passionate about digital. The advantage of this very low turnover among our staff is the quality of the relationships they establish with the people in our data-base. Those 100,000 people—they’re not just a name, a phone number, a CV. They’re also a face, a number of different conversations over time, a real appreciation for who this person is and what skills he or she can offer.

How does the process work?

It varies, of course, depending on the client, the project, the budget. But take a look at our baseline: search and selection. Those two skills are indispensable. We search out good people and then we select the best. So, which are the companies with the exceptional projects that have performed in very interesting ways? Within those companies, who is responsible for piloting those projects? Our search team is specialized in identifying those targets. These are people you would not have seen/met? if you had not hired Clémentine to find them, because they’re not necessarily looking to change jobs—they may feel very comfortable with their current employer, and as all of us know, within the digital sector there’s enormous demand for skilled, specialized people. So we approach them confidentially, get them interested, motivate them to look at the option of working for your company. It’s a cross between detective work and a sales pitch. And meanwhile, as our researchers keep bringing in good candidates, our evaluators begin sifting out the best. They select a short-list and make recommendations.

As you see, the way we work is highly structured, and when we put together a project team for your company we always include several people, including at least one researcher and one consultant. Each of them has added value, and we’re convinced this system works quicker and better.

What about international companies? Do you only work in France?

Every consultant we employ speaks at least fluent English and has a very international outlook. We work very regularly with international companies seeking to establish their presence in the French market. In addition, we’re members of an international network of recruitment agencies, which means we have at our disposal an extremely broad range of contacts for pan-European search and selection.

What does your typical client look like?

Take a look at our track record, and the kind of firms we work for. These are highly competent companies working in a very fast-moving sector, and they’re extremely demanding. They typically focus on their core competence. They’ve grasped that outsourcing is by far the most effective way to perform a number of services—legal, maybe; accounting; and, yes recruitment. They pick us because we know what we’re doing. We understand the job they do, and they recognize our skill. We’re the expert’s expert.

Sometimes when we’ve selected a really excellent short-list of possibilities, we’ll find the client will turn to us and say, “If you were me, who would you pick?” That’s when you know you’ve done your job, because the client can see you’ve really understood his company.