Our service offering

Executive Search

Classic direct-approach head-hunting may be optimal when seeking very specific profiles. We accompany you through the entire process, from defining a comprehensive and detailed position profile, identify cibles de chasse entreprises and talents they count on , approach confidentially, suscite interest, motivate them and we know where to hunt, how to find the good ones, and motivate them to apply to job you know those contributed to success; these people you would not have seen if hadn’t hired Clementine.
Candidate sourcing via intelligent and meticulous search and selection, using our proprietary data base, developed over the past 14 years, which comprises 100,000 leading talents in the digital sector who have already been contacted and debriefed by our teams.


All our work is based on our conviction that recruitment process outsourcing to knowledgeable specialists generates more thorough search and selection, resulting in high-caliber management teams and higher productivity. Our teams are scalable in response to changes in your recruitment needs, ensuring instant turnaround and cutting costs thus optimizing return on your investment.

Recruitment system auditing and assessment provides you with tailor-made to improve or externalize all or part of your existing mechanisms, ensuring that your processes are flawless.
On-site services by experienced members of our team operating within your company.
Watching briefs, whether maintained on a retainer basis or via success fees, can help companies in a phase of strong growth to remain informed of the market, enabling high-caliber spontaneous recruitments based on exceptional opportunities identified by intelligent mining of available resources.


Our assessment tools pin-point the strengths and weaknesses of candidates you’re considering for internal promotion or external appointment. Whether you’ll be using the assessment to help you decide who is the best person for a job, to evaluate the baseline skills of a team you’re newly managing, or to draw up a list of areas in which an employee may require more training and support, this is the best way to evaluate any individual in your organization. The tools we use: PerformanSe and NeoPIR. The result: a made-to-measure skill map with recommendations of suitable future training.