Our process

Clementine’s recruitment processes are well-structured and very clear. They adhere to Afnor certification norms and the ISO 9001 quality standard.

For maximal transparency and ease of use, we have formally laid out our processes in several stages:


• Analyzing the market
• Understanding your company, identifying key tasks within the job
• Three-person study (operations /HR / consultant) resulting in a detailed outline approved by all
• Decision regarding deployment of specific search methods


• Drawing up a target list of companies that operate with similar segments, technologies and/or markets
• Objective: to identify candidates well-armed to confront the challenges they will face within your company, and able to integrate rapidly

Identification and sourcing

• Identification of desired profiles within company organization charts
• Analysis of the 120,000 CVs in our data-base via our meta-research motor
• Exploration of social media and expert forums
• Search in professional and university data-bases
• Targeted publication of job-offers
• Access to all major European CV banks

Telephone interviews

• Detailed phone survey of appropriate candidates (career path, experience, grasp of various technologies etc)
• Outline of desired career path and salary goals

Face-to-face meetings

• Evaluation of skills, potential, goals and coherence
• Personality tests (if requested)
• Requests for references

The short list

• Constitution of a written file evaluating each candidate
• Emphasis on strong points and areas of possible weakness
• A clear statement regarding our appreciation of the candidate’s likely performance in the job

Aid with closing

• Assistance and follow-up during negotiations
• Regular contact with the candidate during his or her pre-departure period

Integration and Follow-up

• Regular contact with both candidate and client during the trial period
• Notification and analysis of difficulties and obstacles