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Executive search

Classic, direct-approach recruitment may be optimal when seeking very high-caliber individuals with specific profiles. Using cutting-edge sourcing tools and building on our 14 years experience in the digital sector, we analyze the culture and goals of your company and define a comprehensive and detailed position profile, select the best short-list available, help you convince your first choice, and then follow through with talent integration.
Skills Assessment

We administer an extensive list of appraisal tests to assess current skills, identify skill gaps and make recommendations for future directions and training. Our goal: to diminish turnover; detect, retain, develop and promote strong talent; and improve the strengths and wellbeing of your employees.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Externalization of recruitment services to specialists in your sector means thorough search and selection by knowledgeable professionals, resulting in high-caliber management teams and higher productivity. Our teams are scalable in response to changes in your recruitment needs, ensuring instant turnaround and cutting costs — thus optimizing return on your investment.

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